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Welcome to Ho'ike Technologies

We are building a better website to serve and protect your organization’s future.

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Bringing Fortune 100 level protection to the the Small and Midsized Enterpises

Why should Fortune 100 companies have exclusive domain over cyber-security programs We secure our clients with the same level of protections that Fortune 100 companies deploy and a fraction of the cost

Managed Security Services

We bring the cyber-security team to you. Ho’ike Technologies Managed Security Services (MSS) can take care of all of your security needs. We provide:

  1. A Virtual SOC
  2. A Virtual CISO
  3. Risk Assessments
  4. Penetration Testing
  5. Policies, Procedures and Standards
  6. And several other tools that all Fortune 500 companies rely on.

Now you can have the same level of protection that a Fortune 500 company deploys and a fraction of the cost.

Virtual SOC (vSOC)

Ho’ike Technologies manages your security operations for you, leaving you do do what you do best… Building your business or servicing your citizens.

Virtual CISO

Every good team has a great coach Every great coach has a leader on the field/court Your Virtual CISO (vCISO) is your virtual General Manager The vCISO is your partner!  We provide a seasoned cybersecurity expert that has been a CISO for several major organizations and brings that expertise to your organization.

Signature Process

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Why Ho’ike Technologies is the right solution for you

I’m sure your pediatrician is a good doctor… But you wouldn’t want them to do your brain surgery. IT Departments are fine at Information TECHNOLOGY, but why have an IT person manage your Information SECURITY! Subscribe below for our newsletter and learn more about protecting your organization’s future.

Featured Case Studies

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We are leading the way..

Many IT service providers are “getting on the bandwagon” providing cybersecurity services. Not Ho’ike Technologies

  • We have been focused on Information Security for the last 18 years
  • Information Security is our focus, not an ancillary service cashing in on the latest fad…. We live, eat and sleep cybersecurity
  • Our processes are modeled after 20 years in IT and security while servicing many Fortune 500 companies

Creative Team

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Ethan Rothell

Ethan Rothell



Jennifer Chapman

Jennifer Chapman

Director of Operations


Josh Lundstrom

Josh Lundstrom

Design Director


What our customers have to say

“When Frank approached me with managed security services, I was skeptical.  Frank said let’s try this firewall and threat manager for 30 days, it can’t hurt.  Within 2 hours of setup, we found 4 machines infected with malware, one which was actively communicating with servers in Eastern Europe.  We took them down immediately and he made a believer in me. We are very happy with the service.  It gives me peace of mind and allows me to focus on building my company”

Mike G.


“We were going after some high level banking clients but our security program was lacking.  Ho’ike Technologies stepped in created our policies and procedures.  Our banking client was quite happy with them and asked if we had a CISO.  I said yes and introduced Frank to them.  Frank handled every question with ease and expertise.  After the client left, we signed the managed security services contract on the spot and have not looked back.  Tt’s been one of the best investments we could have made.”

Amanda C.


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